Microsoft Outlook - Safe Lists

More than once i have heard, please add this email ID to "safe sender's list".. I have often wondered how do i do that?

In my conversation with Md. Athif Khaleel, MVP from Saudi Arabia he took the effort of explaining to me the workings of this MS Outlook gem. So here it is folks, the workings of the most coveted safe list in MS Outlook 2003.

  1. Highlight the mail that you want to mark as from Safe Sender. click on menu at the top Actions -> Add Sender to Safe Senders List. that's it!
  2. If on the other hand you are anticipating mail from some email address that you want to mark as safe, follow this procedure:
    Click on the menu bar Actions -> Junk E-Mail -> Junk Email Options.
    Click on the "Safe Senders" tab.
    Click on the "Add" button and enter the email address you want to add. then click "OK".
  3. you can also bar certain email aliases so that they always reach Junk Email through the "Blocked Senders" tab.

Now, pick and choose your email aliases!
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Anonymous said…
...And the story continues...If still that doesn't works, that said, if you still see the messages landing in junkmail folder, there is one more trick. If you add the sender for instance Md.Athifkhaleel AT to your contacts list then, messages from people in your Contacts folder will never be treated as junk e-mail messages.

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