XBOX 2 previewed

The shroud of secrecy is finally uncovered. XBOX 2 now called XBOX 360 has been previewed to the world. this was done as an exclusive premier on MTV yesterday..

you can look at the console at:

If you are in India, you won't be getting this any time soon.. XBOX that got launched worldwide in 2001 has yet to make a debut here.. hey! let's see if XBOX 360 directly is launched here :)
After all we adopted cellphones late but we got the advantage of latest technology then...

Some of the games that were mentioned for XBOX 360 are NFS, PGR 3 :)
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Hardik Shah said…
Keeping fingers crossed and praying that Xbox (either of them) launch in India soon. After having and amazing time wit the Green Box!! Cant wait to have hands on my "personal" Xbox :) Thanks a lot sir for passing that Xbox :)

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