Communicator Web Access AJAX Service SDK

for any application out there, developers can expect a set of APIs available for programming the same. these are called 'SDKs'.

In December Microsoft released Communicator Web Access (CWA), ( the browser based Communicator client. Now an SDK has been released that lets developer build their own applications that use the CWA AJAX Service. We now have a platform for creating world class browser based, or services based, applications that can fully utilize Presence and Instant Messaging.

Info from the SDK:
Communicator Web Access AJAX Service is the application programming interface for Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access. Application developers can use it to create Communicator-compatible clients that allow users to manage and share presence information, to manage contacts and groups, to send and receive instant messages, and to search for users within an enterprise. Such clients can be a browser-based Web application (e.g., an ASP or ASP.NET application) or a standalone network application (e.g., a .NET executable). The client applications can be written in a wide range of programming languages including JavaScript, C#, Perl, C/C++, and the Visual Basic development system. Because the Communicator Web Access AJAX Service is based on the flexible AJAX programming model, the client applications are not limited to running on Microsoft Windows operating systems and can readily be deployed to desktop, laptop, or other devices.

Download the same from:


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