Bribing for wedding registration

this is for the delhi bribe blog:

The Supreme Court has made wedding registration mandatory for all. With that there was no simplification announced on the existing laws.

As a law abiding citizen i wanted to get registration done for my wedding. First of all, the Hindu Marriage Act states that registration can happen either in at the place of soleminisation of marriage or at the place of residence of either of the parties. So, I decided to get it registered at Gurgaon, my place of residence.

the visit to the courts only brought to light the fact that you have to pay a lawyer to get the registration done. Charge - INR 1500/-

after 3 visits to the court, (the registration officer was absent on a day or two), finally the marriage was registered but not before paying INR 700/- more to the registration magistrate through the lawyer!

cudn't supreme court make online submission of the forms possible that would cut out the corruption?

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Ankur said…
are marriage registration rights differnet in gurgaon from delhi??? why did u have to bribe???
Abhishek Kant said…
sweet question!
the marriage registration is no different in gurgaon..

if you are going to get magistrate's consent a little bit of Gandhiji helps! without inspiration from Gandhiji the registrar would suddenly come up with 50 more requirements u will need to fulfill and that you don
't currently.. that would mean another 50 days off work..
and this is the maths that magistrate's and all other slimy govt. officals can do very well...
Ankur said…
Dont agree there,,,all the requirements are on the form,,what went wrong?? did u try going without bribing??? was there something which gave u the indication that u have to bribe to get things going?
silverine said…
I think we need to start a Bribe Bangalore Blog soon. The problem is we may have several posts in one day :))

Came here via bribedelhi.
Anonymous said…
I appreciated ur complaint at Consumer forum 'bout Kingfisher airlines issue.

I would recommend u to log this issue at

I would quote from RDB... Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padta hai
Anonymous said…
Check this:!8A8DB02C6AB8F265!479.entry
Anonymous said…
I have been trying to get my marriage registered since four years now. Four years because my wife is not an indian national. Dozens of times i've been to the gurgaon court but the dehatis sitting there simply refuse to even answer anything. Visiting the DM was no use as his first response was 'le kar to aao, hum bhi to dekhain'. What else one can expect when these ppl reach those posts by selling agricultural land and paying 50 lacs bribe.

Govt. came up with special marriages act 1954 but these devils sitting there don't care. I can't apply for my wife's PIO untils and unless our marriage is registered and it doesn't seem happening.

Our marriage was registered abroad but even the passport office ppl don't accept those papers and prefer an affidavit instead.

If anyone can guide/help me in this matter, kindly email me at
Anonymous said…
hi abhishek.....could u pls give ur contact no...neeed some tips.....i need a marriage certificate urgently....
Anonymous said…
Married abroad and registered there. Came to India with all documents but the "villagers" sitting in marriage registration office in gurgaon won't accpet that for registration here. In front of us, lawers were getting marriages registered in wholesale thanks to the mutual understanding.

For PIO application, even the "villagers" in ministry of home affairs objected despite a written confirmation from the embassy of the concerned country that we are legally married and the same was registered in their records. Gandhi Ji could have helped but I didn't take that route. So eight months of humiliation and harassment, file disappeared three times, two times police verification was conducted but still the rascals in MHA claimed they didn't receive the report. Meanwhile, wife's passport expired. Submitted a copy of the new one twice but they also went missing. Finally, sought help of a senior official in the ministry and point by point recounted the horrors we had been going thru. He helped us out.

Yeh Indiaaaaah hai!
Abhishek Kant said…
i feel very bad for you. there seems to be a special problem with marriage of different nationalities. maybe the complexities are not clearly laid in the law books for the clerks in the registration office.

in case you want to share what exactly worked for you to get the marriage certified, it would be great use to the readers.
No Clue said…
super tedious still... but here's your anwer finally!

Will try it this week to see if it works or not :P
No Clue said…

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