MS develops alternative to Flash

While on the web, what is the one technology that you would think of when developing light weight games?

FLASH of course... it is light weight and has plenty of developers/ designers available on the same to make the content. there has been no alternative to flash, well almost till NOW!

Microsoft has come up with a new technology called WPF/E. The technology is currently in BETA and is a subset of its desktop counterpart - WPF. This technology can not only run on Windows but also on Mac and in future on Linux as well. When you run any WPF/E application, it would first install a runtime of around 2 MB. This is different from .NET 2.0 or 3.0. the tool currently being envisaged for use with WPF/E is Expression Interactive Designer that works using XAML. As of today, one can design UIs using the Interactive Designer and then import it into WPF/E (that also uses XAML).

Some sample applications and more information on WPF/E including games are available at:

So those designers who want to stay ahead in race (and believe me that this will be in great demand soon) should get their claws on the stuff!


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