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running on Vista has been a pleasure..

i was recently issued a toshiba portege M400 tablet and i installed Vista on the machine. what toshiba forgot to tell me was that i needed a BIOS upgrade and there was no mention of it either on the support site. the downloads they have is for earlier BETA releases and they didn't work on Vista Enterprise RTM. heck, even the tablet mode didn't kick when when i rotated the screen :(

What worked though was their biometric device with the driver that was supplied at the support site.

thanks to internal MS tools, i got to upgrade my BIOS to v3.x. with that everything started flying perfectly!

next came my Windows Mobile device and syncing it with my tablet. unfortunately, Vista didn't seem to have activesync that i had grown so used to... so i had to look around and discovered that i need Windows Mobile Device Center to sync my windows mobile with my PC. TechNet had some content on it and told me that for first time use i had to connect my device using USB (bluetooth will not work and this was what i was doing :)).. also that the WMDC would download automatically once the device is connected - this wasn't to happen.

i had to download around 9 MB of installer to install the WMDC (Beta 3). Once it got installed I was able to syncronize my PC with my Windows Mobile Device.

i suggest that WMDC should be included in the Vista install itself as mobile devices (cellphones, mp3 players) are now a standard ! Installing WMDC as a separate application gives the impression that Vista doesn't consider it as a core piece of its architecture (which i am sure is not true).. give us a seamless mobile experience on the Vista.


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Anonymous said…
Nice article, i'm waiting too for bluetooth support on Mobile Center

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