Red Hat steps in where Microsoft left in Kerala

So, Mr. VS Achuthanandan frees Kerala state of Microsoft and invites Red Hat to come in :)

Economic Times reports that Red Hat will be raking in all the moolah from the schools. In my earlier post on the issue, I had asked the same questions:

  1. Who is going to install and maintain the Linux systems in various schools even when the software is FREE?
  2. Who is going to re-train the students and professors on a new technology that is used only on 5 - 10% of the world?
  3. Linux certifications - who needs them?

The answer has come - implementation vendor Red Hat.  it is indeed the state spending its money YET AGAIN for an idealogical high ground. What the govt. is doing is really a duplicate effort and the rupees spent here could have been utilized somewhere else on areas where it was needed.

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Anonymous said…
who said red hat is free .. another stupid idea of kerala cpi(m). and mind u redhat is also a american company
Abhishek Kant said…
exactly... political high lords know how to extract the political mileage from any issue.. while they continue to be technologically blind, the decisions they take affect millions.. i wonder how much tax payers money will go waste 'cause of the ignorance of the leaders..

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