I am not still a Private Pilot!!

I was up till 2:00 AM last night to get my private pilot license on Flight Simulator 2004!!
Today morning i am still not one...
the squeaky check ride instructor of Flight Simulator 2004 isn't convinced about my flying capabilities and keeps telling me that my rollout was too early or my airspeed was too high/low, altitude too high/low and the list goes on..
gave up after trying n times for the same.. i guess i keep improving each time i fail the checkride..

anybody got a suggestion?
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Anando said…
Never heard of Flight Simulator 2003. Heard of Flight simulator 2004 and 2002. Yeh kaunsa game hai bhai ?
Abhishek Kant said…
thanks anando
have corrected it to reflect FS 2004. don't know where 2003 came from!
tried again yesterday night and still not able to get through!!
Anando said…
LOL ! have fun man and keep us posted ;-)

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