Media Player 10 BETA is here

DAMN nice.. we have windows media player 10 BETA available now!! it is currently only supported on Windows XP :)

2 things stand out there:
1. New design and layout
2. Enhanced support enabled via Auto Sync.

Some more new features:
1. Choice of Online Stores
2. Improved All-in-One Smart Jukebox

The release notes are an excellent place to find out what is the significant difference for Media 10.

For people willing to test this product, there is community feedback link right at the top! for people in India who have interest in digital music technology this is the right time to get ahead with Windows Media 10 and make a difference.
Post a comment on this blog to let me about your interest in the digital music technology :)

For developers, following SDKs are available:
1. Windows Media Player 10 Software Development Kit (beta version)
2. Windows Media Format 9.5 Software Development Kit (beta version)
3. Windows Media Rights Manager 10 Software Development Kit (beta)
4. Windows Media Device Manager 10 Software Development Kit (beta)

Now aren't your fingers twitching already :)

The feedback can be submitted to the Windows Media BETA newsgroup or if you are stuck behind a firewall, use webnews to access the newsgroup.
Please remember to submit the bug / feedback with the *minimum* information as mentioned on the website.

i am rebooting now as it has upgraded my Windows Media 9 Player to Windows Media Player 10. I wonder how much better is the new Windows Media Codec from the version 9?
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Sudhakar said…
Interface is somewhat resembles LH look, but most of the enhancements wre made for software privacy and Device support it seems...Pretty Player...but not as good as our veteran winAmp ;)
Abhishek Kant said…
Some review of Windows 10 Beta (very brief):,1558,1609328,00.asp

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