New community tools coming up

The cool new community tools being rolled out:

1. A new Web-based newsreader that will make perusing newsgroups easier.

2. "Smart components," which are dynamic Web-page elements that Microsoft plans to expose across the community sites. (Examples of these components: a list of the 10 top downloads; the hottest newsgroup discussions; transcripts of the five most popular online chats.) Microsoft plans to make available to developers, customers and other interested parties these components in the form of RSS feeds. This feature will go live in late June.

3. A new "Chat 2.0" client that will allow users to participate in Microsoft online chats from inside their own corporate firewalls using port 80. This will be availale later this year.

4. Feedback sites from community for MS products like Longhorn, Windows Server etc.

If you have some more cool ideas about the community tools, feel free to post it as a comment.
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