My Yahoo Accounts have been upgraded to 100 MB

It has BEGUN!!

the speculation that Yahoo will be upgrading accounts to 100 MB is true.. out of 3 yahoo accounts i have, 2 have got upgraded to 100 MB.. Yahoo Mail also has a new interface :)

Let's see what happens with MSN now.. MSN has been maintaining that 2 MB is all that is going to be there for Hotmail as a free service.. can they still maintain that?


Richard Hsu said…
Well, even my rediffmail plus inbox has become 2gb!!! but what both yahoo and rediff has to also provide is the gmail email search facility, else its really not that usefull, I feel personally.
Richard Hsu said…
oops!! didn't see it in yahoo, sorry, yahoo HAS search :) but rediff doesn't have.

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