India Advocates Breakout - the things that got drowned in noise

Unique things we did (if anyone can find a repeat anywhere.. i will be compelled to take him/her out for a dinner :)

1. Hardware Pool: We got a hardware pool constituted of a Tablet PC, an XDA and 2 XBoxs. Created to bridge the gap between what is not available and what should be available.

2. MS Executive in attendance for 2 whole days: Shu Fen Cally Ko, Regional Director agreed to be with us at the event (even when it was a weekend) for the whole 2 days. She goes forward to the next country, Korea from here rather than Taiwan where she is based.

3. MS India Insider: Jas Gulati agreed to come over on a weekend to be with us. He has never worked with MVPs before, but the faith that they are *exceptional* got him here.

4. 3rd Party Perspective made available: It is always better to get a ringside view of things. Prof. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT graced the occasion with his presence to deliver a very valid value system.

5. A collaborative agenda: The agenda was fixed before the event so that it could be modified at the beginning of the Breakout.

6. Advocates Present: Not only were MVPs present, but also RDs and Student Advocates to benefit from the mingling opportunity that was available.

7. Activity Sharing: Unveiled a process by which our activities get exposed to the international audience.

8. Catch up with the Global Summit: Many of MVPs could not be at the Global Summit. We did few technical sessions to pass on some of the information that was made available at the Summit.

9. Community Contact: Proposed to interested MVPs, as a possible avenue of participation, to provide guidance to the Community Stars and other upcoming people in the community.

10. Agenda Setting Chat: To collect feedback on the agenda of the Breakout, we held an MVP chat approximately a month ago.

P.S.: Why is it called a breakout?
Answer: “Breakout” is not a conference or seminar but an invitation to share and learn in a collaborative setting with emphasis on feedback. - From the website we put up.

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Suresh Behera said…
i feel GREAT! .....I really thankful to abhishek that he work hard to make this event so successful and give opportunity to communicate with Cally, Prof Sadgopan and many more. I could not believe this the time you post this message(“posted by abhishekkant at 6/2/2004 03:13:09 AM” ) man time to sleep :).

Thanks looking forward to more event like this and make our country motto high.

Suresh Behera (

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