What are people thinking internationally

One of Indian MVPs sent me a mail on perspective of MVP nominations in countries outside India.

Please find the post here.

One of the MVP Leads comments about the question that people don't ask but always wonder:
> I keep getting the feeling that something is expected of MVPs that we aren't being told about.

"You were awarded based on your contributions over the past year. You don't have to do anything at all as far as program expectations go. Of course, if you want to get awarded the following year, you'll need to continue to contribute at a high level. We do provide you with as many opportunities (beta programs, conferences, and so forth) as we can, but you don't have to take us up on any of them. The only expectations that I, as the MVP Lead, have is that you conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you start slamming Microsoft or other MVPs, we'll have a conversation. That almost never happens in my happy little world. :-)"

If you want to know who is this MVP Lead and you are an MVP yourself (if you are not then you can't access the private newsgroup), please refer to the private newsgroups, announcements_discussions and post of Bev Howard on 12 May.
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Anonymous said…
Who is MVP Lead? Can u post here the post of Bev Howard on 12 May
Abhishek Kant said…

can't be disclosing information from the MVP private newsgroups.
kindly identify yourself, write me a mail and i will send the appropriate content to you.

Be happy!
Anonymous said…

I found this blog post after looking over some statistics on my own blog.

"If you want to know who is this MVP Lead and you are an MVP yourself"

I am the author of that blog of which you made reference to. The above quotation that I quoted, I am sure that you are addressing me. I am not an MVP myself so I do not know of this newsgroup post you are referring to. However, you have taken my interest on what was discussed there (I think I stepped a few toes) and you can contact me at grumpycoder@hotmail.com.


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