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I had a bright idea! The problem is someone else had the same "bright" idea quite sometime before i had it :)

So here is the bright idea i had:
"This is about integrating blogs and podcasts..
The blog aggregation tools have the advantage that one can pull textual content off the internet (syndication). Podcasts take it to the next level by pulling off content in audio format.
The idea that I am proposing is a website that accepts your blog URLs that you are subscribed to and converts it to audio using speech server technology. The site makes it available to you as a podcast so that the same can be downloaded to your MP3 player for offline listening."

Here is where it is implemented and in action:

I tried the FeedSpeaker but the voice is too mechanical and it definitely not something that you might want to listen as a podcast.
There was a new TTS engine that was demoed by MS called "Mulan": http://research.microsoft.com/users/minchu/Microsoft%20Mulan%20Demo.htm
that gives much natural sounding voice.. they should use that TTS engine to create the MP3s on these sites..
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ArunGG_MVP said…
Hmmm. Interesting... Let me try some cool apps using this.... Mullan.

Try this in Google: C# + speech + TTS
You can find dozens of article with TTS and SR written by me!


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