Virender Sehwag has a website

Celebrities worldwide have been marketed well. they have a perfume line, a restaurant, a clothes lines and a WEBSITE that dishes out all the juicy information. The publicists there do a good job.

Here in India, cricket and movies are two things which are oft watched with interest (ok i intentionally forgot the "K" soap operas!) .. apart from the eye popping ad venues that cricketers make the publicity is limited to someone taking a bribe or someone lashing out at the coach :)

In the cricket world, players have taken to:
  1. Commentary - Ravi Shastry, Kiran More
  2. Running TV shows - Navjot Singh Sidhu,
  3. Restaurants - Kapil Dev

Well, in the FIRSTs to have an "Official" website of his own is Virender Sehwag at:

It is sure made well with lots of pictures of the star everywhere and provide details on Sehwag, his wife and few more details. There also seems to be a blog(called "Sehwag says") where Sehwag has made the first post at:

Let's see the interest that the site is able to generate!

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Anonymous said…
If you didnt know even Sehwag and Ganguly have their own restaurants :)

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