Induction @ MS: Day 0

My first event blogging ..

we arrived in afternoon around 1400 hrs (PST) and checked into the hotel - Residence Inn. On the plane, I had met Ashwini who was travelling on the same flight from Amesterdam. Laurent, a French guy from South of France was another MS101 attendee that i met while stil on the plane.
Overlooking my window, i see "Hobby USA".. a place where i definitely want to be before i leave US.
the good thing about the hotel is - Internet is FREE.. and the first thing i do when i arrive is connect my laptop to the internet.. the room is cosy complete with sofa and kitchenette.. i dream of having such a room for myself..
surfed a little and thought of taking a nap.. the 18 hrs of flight time began to take its toll.. i sleep around 4 hoping to be awake by 6 after which we could go to the nearest "hot" spot.. (i leave it to you to decide on the "hot spot" part)..
9:30.. the red numbers on the watch read... i am now awake and the chances of even getting dinner are slim... called Ashwini and we both run out of hotel for dinner.. Only Matt's Rotiserrie at the Redmond City Center is open for dinner now (Source: Conceirge, Residence Inn)..
so we walk it up and i get to eat Nachos.. i can only eat half of it, courtesy the American portion size..
and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Richard Hsu said…
wow!! you must be really excited about this one.

do write about what happened (including the *hot spots*)
Anonymous said…
Excellent, love it!
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