CompEx 2006, Nagpur

I arrived in Nagpur and was greeted by a Computer Exhibition that was being held here called CompEx 2006. It was an exhibition of computer manfucaturers and the geek within me cudn't resist the temptation..
so i went and witnessed the revolution the computer industry is creating in lives of millions of people in India. the first thing that struck me on arriving there was the profile of attendees. A significant no of people were there from not so affluent class eager to see what computer industry has to offer (this is inspite the Rs 10/- enterance fee)! I think computers have aroused interest in all echelons of society now.
You could see large pavilions from AMD, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Logitech, Intel and many other local manufacturers. If i have to hazard a guess I think there were more than 90 stalls there from various people of computer hardware industry.
The product having maximum branding was Microsoft Media Center. I guess interest in the product that can "Pause" live TV has captured a lot of attention in the home segment :). there were printers, laptops (at some places even second hand), compputer cabinets, gaming hardware, office supplies etc on display.
the one stall that stole my attention was the barcode solution stall that offered small business solution for barcoding. Interesting to see that!
Overall a brilliant experience for me to see computer exhibition with full rigour in participation from both ends of supply chain (suppliers and customers) in central India - a place NOT at all associated with computer revolution in country.
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COMP-EX is held by VCMDWA, Ranked 2nd Best Association in India. You will get all the details on there website

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