Infopath 2007: More Useful than before

Infopath 20O7 has enhanced features for simplifying the distribution of Infopath forms. ln nfopath 2003 you could only send the form as an email attachment. Upon receipt of the email the user would have to fire Infopath on local machine to fill the form.
In Infopath 2007, fom ditribtion is greatly enhanced. Now the forms can be distributed in two ways :
1. Sending forms as embedded form within Outlook. User will be able to just reply to the email without having to fire up Infopath separately.
2. Publishing form on the web as a thin client/normal web form. User will not have to have Infopath on his machine. Uses will be able to fill and submit the form at one go. This feature comes at no extra design time effort for the dev. This is called "design once" feature.

what's even better is that lnfopathwill now even support mobileforms.

More details on this feature can be found at:
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Eric Richards said…
Thanks for the hopeful post - I think you'll be pretty pleased once you get your hands on InfoPath 2007.

If you try out the upcoming Beta release, please follow-up regarding your thoughts on the Outlook integration.

== Eric.
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work
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