Security Shootout - Some insights

I recently saw the ticker on CNN - IBN that talked about a security contest called "Security Shootout" that was giving away a Scorpio as its first prize. WOW! this was cool.. and i set to investigate the contest..

Some cool things about the contest:

1. The contest is being run and sponosred by Microsoft India.
2. The contest is geared towards the Microsoft developers. Almost 50% of the questions can be attempted by anyone in any technology but the rest of them need deep knowledge of the Microsoft Development using .NET
2. The total worth of prizes for this contest is almost INR 45,00,000/- ... contrast this with the Code Jam Contest ( being run by Google that has its prize money as mere INR 14,60,000/-..

currently the contest is open for Ist phase and i cudn't resist participating in it (though i am not eligible for the same!)... Phase I gave out 30 questions for me to attempt.. the questions were of easy to medium difficulty.. i am told that the competition is only going to get tougher in the next rounds..

i don't know my score yet as it doesn't tell you the score before the close of the contest. there is an option of retaking the contest before the contest closes its First Phase on

The cool thing is that this set of 30 questions is different for everyone and comes from a set of 300 questions that feed the first round.

MY TIP: Read "Secure Code" book and know inside out of CAS implementation in .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0..

MY QUESTION: What level of CAS implementation was available in .NET 1.0?
MY COMMENT: if your answer was "Don't know", please DO NOT attempt the contest. if your answer is "No CAS implementation in .NET 1.0", you have a chance...

Read the book and get yourself the Scorpio :)


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Anonymous said…
First of all, i wish you success in the contest. The
good thing about India is that now

many students are eager to study science and engineering.
and thus, this
kind of competition will become very popular among Indians.
Anonymous said…
I appeared in the 2nd stage it was totally professional developer based, unless u know details of .NET Security Implementation in deep, u may not be able to satisfy u'r soul.But surely this gives Engg. students a hint on the areas they should word upon
Anonymous said…
I cleared second round, the site says top 100 will be sent to the third round, and the prizes section says, top 100 will get 80GB USB HDD, so does that mean i have already secured the 80GB HDD????

do reply to me srikanth[dot]mr[at]gmail[dot]com
Anonymous said…
I had cleared the round 2, and participatd in stage 3, sent solution by 23:15 on 15th may, deadline was 24:00; and the website says u did not participate ... huh!! is this the way they claim to compete with topcoder??
Anonymous said…
Same here. I think it is a bug in the site. Later i received a mail stating that the solution has been received.

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