Vista and Office Ship dates

There was a internal competition within Microsoft for providing pictures for Windows Vista. I missed sending any. Here is my entry (unofficial of course!):

There are rumors that the ship dates of Vista and Office have slipped.

Office and Vista teams are co-ordinating their release dates. From what i have come to understand, there are 2 waves of releases:
  1. Launch for Volume Licensing Partners (essentially RTM - when product is ready)
  2. Launch for Retail customers and OEM (wide availability)

RTM and Volume License Customer - Late October 2006 (probably around Oct 25th)
Retail & OEM - January 2007.

Microsoft Office System 2007:
RTM and Volume License Customer availability in October 2006.
Retail & OEM availability in January 2007.

The Beta 2 of both the products should also be forthcoming around June 2006.

Keep watching!


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