My IE7 gave away

After the whole day of trying to activate my windows unsuccessfully, i took the last resort of again installing Windows over the current install. this did start activation properly and retained my data on the machine.

However, following things are broken:
  1. Hindi LIP reverted back tin English. Reinstalling and restarting the machine worked fine.
  2. Windows Upate located appropriate updates and upated the system.
  3. Office 2003 broke. The installation CD provided an option of Detect and Repair that repaired the office installtion. though it took some lengthy minutes checking if any PST file got corrupted.
  4. Here's the WORST of them all - My IE 7 got corrupted beyond recognition. clicking on the IE EXE returns the error - "the procedure entry point InternetGetSecurityInfoByURLW could not be located in the dynamic link library WININET.dll"
So I got stuck with no Internet Browser on my machine and did what any information worker would do - found an alternative. this time it is FireFox!
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Anonymous said…
Doesn't it account for strike one in MS premises :D
Abhishek Kant said…
well i say that I am an information worker.
IE 7.0 is definitely better (especially the clear text rendering and the response times).. but with IE ggoone there is no other alternative but to install firefox... also, gives me an opportunity to experience what FireFox is all about..
and i say I much prefer IE 7.0 to this browser... :)

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