WPF Everywhere!

Windows Presentation Foundation, is the new API for Vista suite of products. WPF is the framework for all user interfaces on the Vista.

The next step is ubiquity of WPF. Not only on Vista running on PCs but also on Mac and other mobile devices. This leap is being taken by WPF/E (WPF - Everywhere) which is a subset runtime of WPF. It would include "almost" all of the WPF features availalble for the PC platform.

ActiveX and plug-ins for WPF/E will be provided for browsers.

One will have choice of the technology for use amongst Atlas, Direct 3D, Win forms, WPF.

One thing is sure - going forward WPF/E would be the underlying technology for everything including Atlas, ability of Win forms to host WPF. And XAML is going be the way forward for presentation.
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