My family genealogy : Kurmi

The Rig Veda, refered to an Aryan people living in the highlands of Pamir in Central Asia. Almost 1000 years later, the Aryans migrated in three different directions. One journeyed towards present-day Iran, another towards Europe, and through Afghanistan.
Those Aryans who settled in Punjab became a very happy and prosperous people. They organized themselves around a caste syatem that described four specific functions of the community. The Kshatriyas of that system were the protectors of the land. However, in peace time many of their members framed the land and raised cattle.
These people, named Kurmi Kshatriyas, eventually migrated to the fertile land of Ganga and Jamuna, eventually reaching Bihar and Bengal. From 600 BC to 200 BC, the kings of Iran and Greece repeatedly attacked Punjab, forcing most of the Kurmi Kshatriyas (also known as the Kurmis) to flee even further south to Gujarat in Vadnagar and Charator in the Kheda district. Around 1400 AD, the ruler of Gujarat granted the uncultivated land of petland Talukas to the Kurmis as their new home.
The hard working Kurmis developed the land quickly. To maintain a record of the annual crops on each Pat ( a parcel of land) the ruler appointed a record keeper known as the Patlik. This name was later shortened to patel.
There are several sub-castes within the Kurmi communities. Bhumihar Brahmins are land-owning Brahmins and they are different from brahmin that live from donations. Because of vast areas of land belong to bhumihar the kurmi work on some or part of the bhumihar land for a wage. The Kurmi, Kanbi, Patel, Matya etc of Gujarat probably followed the various land-owning Brahmin castes that went to Gujarat and other places to th south of the Vindya mountains a long time in the past.

The Kurmi's of Bihar are the same genetic stock as the various Kanbi Patel castes in Gujarat excluding the Koli Patels.

Kurmi's constitute around 1.4% of the Indian population.

Kurmi word has been derived from "Krish Dhatu" of Sanskrit.From history Kurmi are agrarian , thats is the meaning of word Kurmi.



Anonymous said…
Mr. Abhishekant has written totally wrong. Kurmis and patidars(Patel) are two different castes. I am a Patidar.
Anonymous said…

Good research, except the origin of Kurmis being "Aryan" and from "Pamir range". There is really no solid proof of this theory. It was originally spoken of by Karl Marx and adopted by Britishers to divide indian people and has simply been accepted as truth without scrutiny. Ancient Indian texts in no way verify an origin outside India.

Please read :-
Anonymous said…
The Kurmis can be found all over india.

Most famous is ofcourse Sardar Patel (The man who should've been the 1st Prime Minister of India)

Jai Hind
Anonymous said…
amost all criminals in bihar belong to bhumihar community.i said community as there is no such caste.bhumihars are fiercely castiests and havent produced anybody they can be proud of except RANVEER SENA
Anonymous said…
Person who pretended to be a patidar, can refer to history of patidars in URL to make sure that Kurmi and Patidar is same caste.
Anonymous said…
Good Research, in UP, most of the land belongs to Kurmi Caste. Now Kurmis are highly educated and hold high positions in Pvt and Public sector.
Anonymous said…
ya right there any f**ker who got confusion of Kurmis bein Kshatriyas should be send to Barabanki(u.p.) or near districts .
that SOB will know here only one Kshatriya exists that is KURMI
Anonymous said…
friends we must be proud of our origin.
But same time we must respect others too.
this is not a age of cast division but it is globalization era
so we must go along together.
despite off spitting venoms on each other we must do some constructing things.
there is no gain in washing our dirty linen in public.
bye the way good work abhishek.
keep it up.
Anonymous said…
person who is confused with the patel kurmi khatriya identity can refer to this website.
Anonymous said…
hai dear
According to R.S.Sharma, Kunbi and Kurmi are kith and kin evolved from the larger group Kutumbinas/ Kutumbins(who were settled professional agriculturists in ancient time). The caste patel and pattidar is derieved from Kunbi.(The south indian super star Rajini Kanth is from Maharashtra and belongs to Patel caste.)

This was all the case in north , west and eastern india.

In the Deccan, according to another historian, Kutumbinas/ Kutumbins were headed with 'Rashtrakuta'- title of the post.In course of time Rashtrakuta evolved as Rattakuta, Rattodu,Rattakudi and at present as "Reddi".

In Deep South Kutumbins are still known as Kudumban.Their family God is Indira/Devendira(god of rain). In Kerala they are known as Pattakkara-caste.

In sum, all these castes are professionally cultivators and they are not Brahmins.
Abhishek Kant said…
thank you for varied views on the evolution of Kurmis. This post was an effort to discover the past that spanned centuries.
The mentions in my initial blog post were made out of research i did on internet.
the comments here have hugely enriched the initial post.
It is obvious that this is a very passionate topic for a lot of people. I would like to reiterate that i have deep respect for all the castes and religions.
Anonymous said…
Mr.Abhishekant, the thing i would like to clarify u that one scholar Ganapathi shastri, might be Sanskritist considers all these peoples are Sutras, but among the orignal people of this land there was no such a Varna practice which is postulated by Aryans. The wrong historical thesis dissemminated among the peoples that the people who live in the north are aryans and who live in south are Dravidians made the reality much worsened. Because if sanskrit is the language of the norht then what is the necessary to talk various languages.
Anonymous said…
If south are dravidians then what is the inevitability make them to talk some seven languages? because except brahmins everyone is indian origns so while their spread towards the south from north of indian sub-continant there were sometime confluence sometime subordinate each other and sometime excluded each other. In these process there were the much possiblities to the evolution of new languages.So if u able to communicate hindi means obsolutely ur not aryans expect ur family background Brahmin. Still if u have doubt on my clarification mean just try to find answer for my following question..
In south India there are Brahmins(Iyar,Iyangar, shastri)all their hole family members are master in the south indian languages, Do U think they are Dravidians?
Only because of they know south indian languages such as Telugu, kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, konkani etc.
Anonymous said…
Why are people are talking abt caste???? i feel ashamed to even write things here....come on guys grow up... i accidently came over to this page and could nt stop saying this... grow up guys... there are lot of other worthy topics to talk about.
Note: Author, lets blog about something worthy!
Unknown said…
hi! everyone i wanna just to say that we shoulid feel proud on our rich, brave, holictis, honest community. let's make a very strong front for the cause of betterment and upliftment our GREAT KURMI community
Anonymous said…
Dear All.
I ashmed to read the comments given by some persons about the casts/subcasts.Instead of blaming each other please contribute in the progress of Bihar.All the casts are equal and created by the same GOD.Respect the persons of any cast or grid.If you can not give a good view,dont give adverse.Be positive, respect everybody.Jai BIHAR,JAI BHARAT.Written by-AP SINGH.VILL-Ghosaith.PIRIBAZR.LAKHISARAI.BIHAR
Unknown said…
almost all criminals in bihar viz . anant singh
akhilesh singh
brahmeshwarnath singh ( head of ranveer sena )
surajbhan singh
munna shukla
sunil pandey
are notorious criminals of bihar
Anonymous said…
mr. vipul you are totally wrong i want to say that you people who belong to patel(patidar)they all are related to kurmi kshatriyas dynasty i think you are not a kurmi (patidar)becausei i am patidar . go to our parents & asked about our caste
Anonymous said…
hiii mr. abhishekant i aprecite with you pls "jaari rakhe likhana "
thanks & Regards

Devashish patel
rahul said…
Hi Guys,
Some people may feel ashamed about writting bolgs on caste. To them, is it shameful to know your origin, rather to look down upon others may be shameful. Why I said "may be" is, practically there is no caste, race, religion all over the world which will not like to survive either by improving their ideologies, their stock in one or another manner or by suppressing rival groups. This is a basic animal nature. Hiding this will not change the reality. european countries are understood to be very understanding, mature, civilized. They give shelter to other races, Do they accept ohers upper hand over their own? Whenever this happens, there wil lbe lot of cry in media and public. Though I am not suggesting suppressing rivals, but evolving is necessary, as you don't have control on other rival group behaviours, in case any thing happens. Ask those communitites who are struggling for their survival of their community like israelis. Marrying in same caste was not something trivial decision, it was well thought. Though it may now sound trivial, as we people are flourishing, but you will know it when your whole community is in trouble. Ask parsis, what not they are doing for their community survival?

About Bhumihars, I have heard lot of villanious stories about them. I've seen some bad acts as well. But still the general mentality is they are farward and we are backwards. Accept it, then only you will be able to evolve to leave them behind. Merely talking is not enough.
anirudha mohanta said…
Kurmis are the sons of the soil,I am proud to be a kurmi butI shall be more happy if there is no cast among Hindus
Unknown said…
Kurmis are the second largest prosperous caste in Bihar and Jharkhand,next after Yadavas.Their chief work has been farming,but these days,they are involved in other fields viz. Education,Business and others.They also use many surnames in Bihar which are Dutta,Sinha,Deshmukh,Singh,Prasad,Bhatt,Rawat,Mishra,Panigrahi,Ufrauli,Desriat,Patel,Kashyap,Rawal,Nayak e.t.c.
Anonymous said…
today hair cut costs 80 rupees your kids chocolate will cost you 80 rupees and per days petrol will cost 180 rupees if you are in big cities These are the realities

There will be lots and lots of example in your own family where people would have failed or succeeded while doing hard work ,May be your own success might have some manipulation behind

what I mean is dont be so waste of time .Donot start all these meaningless blogs. Do some fruitful things It is obvious you are trying to show your intellectual bent and that you can write also .Do something fruitful to your self , your family and may be your down trodden kurmi brethren.You can help them in many ways .Downtrodden helped physically and financially will survive , Otherwise they will perish in abject need even if they are descendants of high class Aryans or not so developed cast

I donot know how will it matter if you know that your neighbour is a kurmi or Bhumihar. How doses it matter if you know where Kurmis came from .You should know net is full of information but everything is not authentic .Dont waste time on net research . people really interested in research need lots of money lots of time and scintific bend of mind and of course good training
AMOGH said…
It seems that this Anonymous guy cann't talk much about Kurmis, rather he goes on to target Bhumihars. Using words like Bastards & witches he shows his own lower mentality. Bhumihars are Brahmins in the respect that Genetical research confirms to their gene proximity with that of Bihar Brahmins. So I dont give a damn bout this "Anonymous" & utterly idiotic views. And this "Anonymous" is either not from Bihar or he is some Cranky piece who doesn't even know that Bhumihars have given one of the best & Fist CM of Bihar Dr SK Sinha, Rashtrakavi Rmdhari Singh "Dinkar", Benaras Raj, Present CAG Vinod Rai ,Nobel Laurate V.S. Naipaul( Although not Indian),etc. But can't blame he is of types who can only count baddies. Agreed there are people like them & Ranveer Sene & I m not particularly proud of them. But I consider them negligible against good number of GOOD Bhumihar Brahmins (BRAHMARSHIS- By Sahajanand Saraswati).
There r so many good & bad people in each community. But we should never ever as a civilized person comment on anybody as Bastard. Its highly Shameful. I also agree that many quarters require our attention more than these caste quarrels but we should not ignore them also as it gives rise to strengthening of the mindset of people like "Anonymous". ALL COMMUNITIES ARE EQUAL. Achievements of people doesn't rest on affiliation to caste, color or race. This thing should be taught 2 all people who try 2 find rooms for discrimination & Deriding.
BTW I respect Kurmis/Kanbis/Kammas 4 there contributions in varied fields throughout nation. My 2 roommates are Kammas from AP who r equivalent to Kurmis of Bihar and they are very intelligent. My own state's CM is Nitish Kumar 4rm Kurmi community to whom I m grateful for what he has done 4 Bihar and presently he has gone to Pakistan as Indian Brand Ambassador of Peace & Harmony from India. For me he is more important than anyother Kurmi BAHUBALI or mobster.
mohan said…
Kunbi kurmi and Patidar are same but bhihar kurmi are in nalanda are not original they are mixed. All kurmi Patidar are migrated from Maharashtra and gujrat
Anonymous said…
Kurmis are not from outside.Their ancestors are KUDUMBAS of Tamilnadu who are nothing but the great PANDIYA rulers once.Kudumbas are Devendra kula mallas who spread all over India and around world and spread agriculture 8000 yrs ago.They live all around world as Pallas, mallas,kudumbas kaladi Devendra ...all are subcaste of Devendra kulam who worship Indran as thier God.India name comes from Indiran.

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