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One of the most important products of the Microsoft Office suite is Outlook 2007. This email software is basically an email management software but can also act as calendaring software, task, note taking software, contacts manager or conversation tracking software!

outlook2007 And in case you want to buy one in India, it isn’t exactly a simple thing as i realised when one of MVPs asked me that question. It goes that the cheapest option to buy Office 2007 in India is the Office 2007 Home and Student Edition that costs INR 5039/-. But that doesn’t come with Outlook 2007! The next option is to buy an Office Small Business edition that costs INR 15,990… You can explore these buy options from the Original MS online store.

But the MVP mentioned that he wanted to be able to buy Outlook 2007 only. However, there is no option of buying a retail Outlook 2007 box from the online store! The next simple way would be to buy it from “Dial a Software” partner. However, you can get this in few cities in India. Once you place an order with the partner in city, they would deliver the ordered software right at your doorstep!

And what would the approximate cost of Outlook 2007 FPP standalone would be? The exact cost would be advised by the partner but you should expect the price around INR 2600.

In summary, if you are looking for Office suite, MS Office 2007 Home and Student edition is the best for you at INR 5,039. And there is a hidden advantage of buying this edition. You can actually install this edition on 3 machines at your home instead of just on a single machine! So per PC cost of the Office suite would only be INR 1680… now, isn’t that a cheap price for a supposedly expensive Microsoft software :)

So get Outlook 2007  working for you!

I had earlier made a post on buying Microsoft software in India.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info. It will be useful for many.

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