Google Sites: FREE websites for everyone

logoGoogle Sites is now available separately from Google Apps suite. This means that you no longer need a domain name to set up a site for yourself. Your site will be available at:[your-website]

The maximum size available via this service is not mentioned anywhere..

This is an excellent service for people starting up trying to setup a website for the first time. The site provide plain vanilla WYSIWSG editor. The types of pages you can create are Dashboard, Announcements, File Cabinet and List. Dashboard provides a page where one can host any google gadget.

However, I would advice all the businesses to stay away from this and try Google Apps or Office Live.

The trend these days for individuals looking for a web presence is to host a blog. Hosting a blog has inherent advantage of getting indexed faster and easy to author via variety of tools. My advice to individuals would be to use blogs if they want to make a beginning on the web via Blogger or Wordpress or Live Spaces.

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Anonymous said…
From the video demo I didn't find much difference from WL Spaces or Blogger from the utility point of view.

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