Live Messenger now on Facebook

What are the 2 applications on my machine that are used most often:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2007
  2. Windows Live Messenger

Practically i live in these two applications. anything that has to come in or go out has these 2 gateways… and so it makes sense for me to look for gateways into these applications from anywhere people want to connect with me..  and social networking sites are one of the main sources where people want to connect…

of late Live Messenger has made available a lot widgets that one can embed in websites, blogs etc… you can see one on the right in this blog that let’s you communicate with me anytime I am online…

here is a wonderful application that enables the same for facebook. imageso now when someone is casually browsing on my profile, he/ she can initiate instant communication with me from the facebook profile page itself by clicking on the “Begin a conversation” link.. and i will receive the messages sent from here in the Live Messenger that i am using… of course to protect from spam bots, there is a captcha challenge before the IM conversation can begin…

One can also talk to other facebook friends who have installed this Live Messenger application by going to the application page.

imageIf you want to make yourself available to your friends and readers, you can install the Windows Live Messenger Facebook application from this page:

and now i am excited about when will we get a Live Messenger application for orkut… (a lot of times scraps are exchanged that are better suited for IM conversations)..

Welcome to the Live Messenger "mesh” …

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