Microsoft gets into Airline Price Comparison

Alongwith the Cashback program to encourage online shoppers, Microsoft has also introduced the Farecast search on Live at:

homeArrowGuideShort Using the farecast search, you can locate the cheapest fares on the web! it also provides comparison with other international travel sites like,

If you are in India, there are other travel portals also available as,,,

To give farecast a spin, I tried booking a flight from Delhi to Dubai on July 8th and return on July 13th. Here are the results: INR 17352 INR 17541 INR 17832 INR 18623


However another search on Delhi –> Seattle sector gave me INR 53679 (i.e. USD 1310) on China Airlines using yatra and USD 1568 on Continental using farecast.

Farecast doesn’t provide cheapest price all the time! in addition, farecast transfers a person to a different site to book the ticket… e.g. it tranferred me to Gulf Air website to make my booking. The transfer would have been palatable if the choices made at farecast were transferred to the redirected site. But none of the data was pre-populated (though it was given already at farecast)..

In conclusion, provides a very basic fare search facility for users. If you are in India, you are better off using any of the Indian travel sites given the additional service and liability you can hold them responsible for. it wudn’t hurt too much though to check the fares at before making a booking for any international flight.


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