Live Skydrive gets an update

Today Live Skydrive got an update! And no there is no increase in space provided.. however the service does seem to be becoming more and more of Office Live Workspace :)

Most updates seem to be related to adding more metadata to the documents uploaded. The 2 new features in this area are:

  • i was able to add captions and descriptions to the files uploaded on the skydrive. Nice to be able to describe content to people esp. when u have more than one file in a folder.


  • the second feature that got added was ability to comment on any file in the skydrive and see a view of all the recent comments users have left for you. very useful if you want to let someone know that you have accessed the file.

The second set of features are related to navigating the file.

  • The first in that series is the browsing widget that lets you scroll through the other files in the folder
  • clip_image004
  • The second here is the larger photo previews so that you can see what is in the picture before you open the same.

Finally if it mattered to you, the service has been extended to 24 new countries (if it makes sense as internet knows no boundaries)..

SkyDrive has been a great service to use from Microsoft and we hope that the innovation goes on..

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