Eggs in a basket: Lessons on reliance

Twitter was down for few days. The micro-blogging soothsayers had nowhere else to go but wait for the service to come back online. However, twitter is simply a service (and prone to failures).. for now, inspite of the numerous times it keeps throwing the cute error messages, people are willing to forgive the outages.

eggs in a basket my observation to this episode is if the whole “micro-blogging” ecosystem could go down based on a service, aren’t we putting all our eggs in one basket? if micro-blogging has to go main stream, can one only rely on a single service to deliver the same? Where are the alternatives? oh yeah, u might start thinking of 3jam, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Jooopz, Jyngle, Loopnote, tumblr, plazes, Pinger, pownce and Swarm-it but none really have achieved the status or ubiquity that twitter has..

the other reason why this is more important for social media is that all of these services are online. and online services are prone to disruption more than any other thing (self inflicted or malaise oriented)..

another example of eggs in a basket is the “Google Adsense”.. google made a whole lot of us greedy and a few dollars with the adsense program. of course, you have to give them credit for spawning a new “professional blogger” SMI category. yeah there are other money earning programs but none as ubiquitous as adsense.. what happens when adsense goes down?

currently, i am feeling the pain as adsense has stopped working for my blog and i have no clue why? UPDATE: Adsense never actually stopped working for me. Instead a plugin (IE7Pro) that i installed on my browser stopped all ads from displaying.

what if google decides that i am not fit for their ad network? fortunately, my daily bread doesn’t depend on this but what if it did? what if not earning for a few days was NOT an option?

in the recent BlogCamp, a participant mentioned google turning off his gmail account when he wrote a mail to their CEO complaining of the ill treatment he had received from one of the google recruiters. what could he do except watch in pain?

in some cases identities of people have been wiped out when google decided to erase their site from the index.

the age old maxim of diversification is becoming more relevant for a Web 2.0 world. sure the reliability of the services have improved tremendously but what if it failed ever? would we be willing to take that risk?

What do you think one should do to tackle this?

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Anonymous said…
"However, twitter is simply a service (and prone to failures)/"
You should say "prone to heck of a lot of failures".

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