Notes from an Internet Marketing Seminar

These are my notes from an internet marketing seminar I attended. Read through to see if you can figure out who delivered this and i promise you would be surprised :)

Topic: Web & New Media: Emerging Trends

183 bn emails sent a day

49 mn internet users in India

7.5 hrs spent on internet/ week (18-35 Males)

1.2 bn searches / month- search increasing at 80%

80% online shop

Online Time Spent in India:

  • 23% – TV
  • 30% Internet
  • 26% Print
  • 21 % Radio

Advertising Money Spent:

  • 41% TV
  • 1% Internet
  • 40% Print
  • 12% Radio

1.4 bn online out of 6.6 bn in the world

mobile is the next huge thing... computing cloud is the current stage after PC being personal era..

web is not US centric.. 211 still the largest..

inspite of the company being so "open source".. the presentation consistently says Confidential & PROPRIETARY .. paradoxical..

the presentation laptop from google is running Windows XP.. sweet.. and oh! the presentation is being delivered on powerpoint 2003..

shopping is most important for users on internet.. 80% shop online. but shopping not translating to buying due to lack of credit card proliferation ..

UK: celebrity gossip; india: cricket & hollywood; china: she rock group

interesting: 80% people said customer found vendor and not the other way around.

s/w downloads & white papers leads resources used in buying process.. least used is podcasts.. blogs r low too.. webcasts & IT newsletters are also effective ..  surprise! search engine is also effective..

honda case study being discussed..

ads shudn't only be for keywords but also related keywords..

lesser known: search within search..

16% likely to NOT buy if brands are not on search results

generic keywords have higher CPC.. if keyword is relevant to a company it is cheaper..

Case studies:  fiat case study for design of new Car - crowd sourcing.. mastercard case study - punchlines from consumers.. T-Shirt design by consumers..

170 mn bloggers; 21% uploaded videos; 41% uploaded photos..

an ad that doesn't look like an ad.. video as content itself.. Heinz case study: video integration.. gadget ad can also be delivered via google..

100+ mn subscriptions from feedburner..

DISCOVERY: google hot trends..

IDEA: use skype as inward hotline for placing orders..

google trends for what geographies are responding well to what products..

ms office keyword being utilized by naukri and monster

Type of Communities":

  • Event Oriented
  • Commercial e.g. Woot
  • Social Media
  • Around Products
  • Around Q&A e.g. Yahoo Q&A
  • Mediated Communities
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Anonymous said…
"...Read through to see if you can figure out who delivered this..."
".....inspite of the company being so "open source".. the presentation consistently says Confidential & PROPRIETARY .. paradoxical....."

It has to be Google, Who else?
Abhishek Kant said…
ha ha! didn't take long to guess that... did it?
i think the data points they presented are really nice.. and they should know it - they are into internet advertising heavily :)
Anonymous said…
hey abhishek
Nice wrap up! when was this event held ? and where
Is there a place i can look for some archives of this seminar

Great blog, keep up the great work.

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