MSN India launches new initiatives

MSN has launched the following new initiatives in India:

Regional Language Editions
Beta edition of Hindi and Tamil editions:
Hindi – (beta)
Tamil - (beta)

The sites are loaded with local language stuff e.g. चटपटे चुटकुले , खबरें, ज्योतिष , खेल-खिलाड़ी , बौलिवुड, साइबर ज्ञान , व्यंजन now the common man on the street can feel more connected to the internet.

i think this just indicates the seriousness with which Microsoft in India is pursuing the localisation of its products and services. Localised Windows, Office and low cost Windows starter edition has already been released! Now its turn of the local language news and content service from MSN!

Want to suggest names of these editions eg. MSN “Pranam” / MSN “Vanakkam”? Do take a shot and suggest a name by leaving a comment to this post!

Cricket and Bollywood in new light
Cricket and Sports - (beta)
Bollywood and Entertainment - (alpha release)

…for all the soccer hungry
Goal 2006 :

Check out IIFA - and vote for your favorite movies and actors
If you are gonna be in Dubai 14-15-16 June be our guest at the IIFA Awards, walk the red carpet

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Anonymous said…
MSN Namaste/namskar.

'coz Namaste is more popular across the globe. every foreign guy comin ovr to india learns it. sush did it at miss universe and won.

stupid points actually... but i guess namaste is broad appeal thing

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