Skyscrapr - Meet the Architects!

The Aspiring Architect Community!

Skyscrapr ( is the community for aspiring architects. There are millions of professional developers and aspiring architects looking for a rich, valuable introduction into the world of Architecture. Skyscrapr allows them to explore, train and study architecture and makes Microsoft the ‘go to’ authority to study or plan a career in architecture.

Skyscrapr is driven by 78% of developer saying they are interested or very interested in learning about architecture and 1/3 of developers identifying career aspirations of becoming an architect. What this really tells us is there is a huge opportunity to cultivate relationships with people interested in learning and growing their skills in architecture.

Always wondering what Service Oriented Architecture really meant but too afraid to ask? Now you can find the complete definition and how it differs from a solution, infrastructure and strategic architects point of view.

Skyscrapr will offer online training, an acronym decoder, a glossary of terms, our own Archipedia, blogs and even a surprise or two.

There’s a little something for everyone so come Meet the Architects!


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