What's more popular - Microsoft or Linux in India

My morning cup of milk came with a mint fresh news (late last night i was looking at adsense and adwords) - Google releases Google Trends.

Here are some interesting links to know more about Google Trends: http://www.micropersuasion.com/2006/05/google_trends_f.html http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/05/10/google-trends-launches/

the thing about google is that probably it is the most "neutral" of all sources of information that you can find. armed with this information, i set to compare Microsoft, Linux and Java technology adoption in India. the logic being more the people search on a particular technology higher are the chances that the particular technology is more popular (and not most used - as most MS Dev environments come with a lot of documentation!!) The results are here for everyone to see:

in here, the blue trend line is search for microsoft technologies and is at the top! clearly Microsoft technologies (development, operating system, servers, games) etc create the most buzz. Noida is from where the maximum search comes out - Bangalore is much lower at 4th place. Conclusion - Microsoft has captured maximum interest in New Delhi/ NCR!

Now to development stats:

Java is much ahead when compared to .NET! Ergo most interest is around Java (notice the comment about availability of documentation with .NET technologies).. Since this was a world-wide search, maximum interest in development technologies is coming from India - "The World's Developer Nation!"

finally, on a light vein, let me compare 2 natural instincts of human species these days - technology and sex:

i am sure you already knew the answer - SEX still drives the most searches on internet. Interesting pieces of information - India leads on Sex search :)... Chennai in India searches the most on internet on SEX.. finally, it is not english that is the language of cyber sex, but ladies and gentlemen, it is Thai (i wonder why that didn't surprise me :))

you can know more about tweaking search on Google Trends.

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