Yahoo Answers and so does Microsoft Live QnA is an interesting website to visit. New services are regularly added here. I went to the site and was treated with 2 new services-

  1. Live QnA Beta
  2. Windows Live Shopping

On my way from Gurgaon to Delhi, I have been seeing a huge billboard for Yahoo Answers. Google Answers has also been around for quite sometime. These sites let you ask questions that other people can answer for money. Live blog quotes the important features as:

• In a one-to-many system, consumers may pose questions to the Windows Live QnA community, thereby creating a store of human knowledge containing facts, opinions and experiences on topics ranging from business, health, arts, sports, technology and more.

• People then can rate answers and reputation-based scoring is available so you and others know which sources are most reputable.

• Questions are tagged so others can easily find similar or related questions and answers to learn from

• The ability to mark and remove inappropriate content

I have enrolled for the Live QnA Beta and awaiting my BETA invite. In the meantime, read the Live QnA blog to get the inside scoop and features of the new service.

The Live shopping experience also looks very good (check out the fading interface, very unique!!)... i have used and for product reviews in the past.

P.S.: is an interesting site if you are looking for more information on Live services.

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